The importance of 3D previsualisation in the choice of colourway

In the world of design and production, the choice of colour is a crucial element in the success of a product. However, making colourway decisions without 3D visualisation can prove to be a serious mistake. The ability to accurately preview colours on a three-dimensional object offers numerous advantages, enabling stylists, designers and manufacturers to make informed decisions and avoid costly design mistakes. 

Importance of light
In 3D visualisation, the importance of light is crucial to achieving an accurate and realistic representation of the colourway. Light plays a crucial role in how we perceive the colours and textures of objects. By simulating different light sources, such as natural or artificial light, it is possible to assess how colours react to different lighting conditions. This allows stylists and designers to analyse the appearance of the product in different situations and ensure that the chosen colourways are consistent and attractive in every context. Light in 3D visualisation offers a valuable perspective for making informed decisions and creating designs that stand out for their beauty and visual consistency.

Realism and accuracy
3D Previsualisation allows the final appearance of a product to be simulated in a very realistic way. Virtual models make it possible to assess the interaction of colours with the shape and size of the object, providing an accurate representation of shades, shadows and light. This level of detail allows operators to assess the visual impact of the colourway before starting actual production.

Saves time and resources
The ability to preview colourways saves valuable time during the design process. In the past, it was necessary to produce physical prototypes or colour samples to evaluate the final appearance of a product. This required time, resources and sometimes even the involvement of external suppliers. With 3D pre-visualisation, on the other hand, a wide range of colour combinations can be tested quickly and efficiently, minimising waste and errors.

Customisation and flexibility
3D Previsualisation offers greater flexibility in the choice of colourway. Designers can explore different colour options and test variations without having to repeat the entire production process. This allows the product to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and market trends, ensuring greater customisation and customer satisfaction.

Effective communication
3D visualisation facilitates communication and collaboration between design and production team members. Showing a visual preview of how the final product will look with different colourways allows all team members to share a common vision and make informed decisions. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts, improving the overall productivity of the product development process.

By setting up the workflow correctly, any team member even with little experience can intervene in the creation and modification of the 3D visualisation. With Adobe Stager, this takes just a few clicks and very little time. Watch this video as a small taster.

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